Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bonnets–Horse Ear Bonnets, Fly Bonnets

I have two favorite hobbies!   If you follow my blog you will know it is sewing and horse riding!!!
So I found a way to combine the two, sort of!
During certain times of the year, riding a horse can become a bit of a challenge due to flies, mosquitoes, gnats you name it.  I looked into buying a crochet Horse Fly bonnet for my horse to wear, which has ears in it to protect the horse from flying insects gnawing at their ears!  To be honest the choices and styles are a little limited.  I was not that keen on the Fly Bonnets available, they were a little boring.
So like anyone that can sew I decided to make my own Fly Bonnet!

Talk about fun, the possibilities are endless and over the course of a few months I have made quite a few!

Basic Bonnets


Then the Fly Bonnets got a little Fancy!!!


If you would like to see more check out Dapple Grey Mare Designs on Facebook and don’t forget to like the page!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time Flies when your having fun - Horse Ear Bonnets, Sewing, Horse Riding and Hatching Chicks!

Gosh where did the time go,

I have been so busy that I really have not had time to blog,

During the winter I did quite a bit of sewing and took part in an instagram sew along making Lori Holts Christmas quilt. I still have to finish off the border but I hope to get it done before this Christmas!  Check out UKMUMINUSA on instagram to see some of my photos.

Winter when you have horses and live in Minnesota can be difficult, not much riding and a lot of work, but still fun,

Then spring came along and it was time to get things sorted around our little farm.

I hatched a batch of chickens in May and tonight the last of my 2nd hatch,  hatched.

I have been riding a lot and it just makes me feel great, I am in my happy place when I ride.

I took part in a travelling quilt with the fabulous and so talented ladies in The stars in their eyes bee group. And my quilt came back, it just needs to be put together!

I have started making Horse fly ear bonnets, so quite a bit of sewing going on!
So lots going on and I hope to blog more often but can't promise I will!!!

One of the Horse Ear Bonnets I made, for more info and to see more photos check out
Dapple Grey Mare Designs and to see even more and some horses in their bonnets check out Dapple Grey Mare Designs on Facebook.

My girl Ruby !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Introducing Melody



So catching up on this years goings on I would like to introduce my girls to you.  So first up is Melody





Scorned Woman – Barn name Melody, I didn’t like the name scorned woman, far too harsh and did not suit or fit her beautiful personality.


She is a 5 year old OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbred) and retired from racing in November 2013.  And she was at the time of buying her 16hh, although I need to measure her to see if she has finished growing.


She only ran a handful of races and her old owners decided she just didn’t have the heart to be a race horse.  And wanted to find her a home as a brood mare or a home where she could have a new career.


As soon as I saw her for sale I fell in love with her.  I have a big soft spot for grey horses as growing up as a teenager I had a grey horse called Caspian, at the time he was my world and like any teenager who loves horses I spent every waking minute with him, riding, brushing him or just hanging out at the barn.

And now as an adult I get to do that all over again!


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